The World of Gaming

Do you remember the first video game you ever played? It probably blew your mind and had you hooked right away. A lot of Americans had the pleasure of playing their first video game when Nintendo came to be. Games like Super Mario and Duck Hunt were household staples for millions of kids and adults.… Read More »

5 Video Call Apps for Android Smartphones

Video calling features has vastly improved over the last couple of months with large updates and new versions. Innumerable new and old rivals like Skype, Google, Fring, Tango, Oovoo etc. are battling for the crown to win the most number of active users. Skype has been quite a great choice for the PC-based systems but… Read More »

Top 10 Android Smartphones under Rs. 10,000

If you’ve ever imagined getting a mid-range smartphone under a short budget, then you’ve come into the right place. Recently we’ve seen a massive uprising of Android smartphones under the shade of Samsung, Sony and HTC. Other than that, there’re innumerable manufacturers that offer best product under a handy budget. We’ve created a recent list… Read More »

Top 10 Tablets for Students under Rs. 5,000

Students are thriving for getting a tablet but most of the tablets seem to be out of budget. Galaxy Note 8, Tab 3, iPad Mini Air and Xperia Z are all dominating the market. But, they are too much pricey. In case you’re looking for a budget friendly device under Rs. 5,000, you’ve come to… Read More »

Why Intranet may be good for Small businesses

Almost, all big companies use Intranets to increase their employees productivity and for better coordination.  But do you know how effective can intranets be small or mid-sized companies as well. Intranet provider has released a new infographic on Intranet Benefits, designing tips and best practices. According to it , having an Intranet can help… Read More »